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Please note: Configurator is not valid for current Wanderbox product updates. Please e-mail Far South Networks Production Department or call +27 21 700 8260 for support in identifying your unique product requirements.

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Please use the product configurator below to determine the most suitable Far South Networks product/s befitting your customers telephony requirements. By entering your telephony requirements in the questionnaire fields below, this configurator tool will generate a best fit IP PBX or SIP Gateway parts list to meet those needs. Finally, you can generate an email containing your inventory list of Far South Networks part numbers. Forward this inventory list of part numbers to your selected distribution partner for request of a formal quotation for your package.

Interfaces and Capacities
Parameter Value Comment
PBX or Gateway
G.729a/VoIP or G.711/TDM
T1/24 channels, E1/32 channels per interface
2 channels per interface
1 analogue telecom line per interface
1 POTS handset per interface
Maximum recommended users:
Wanderbox - 25
Wanderbox DUO - 50
Com.X10 - 50 to 450
Com.X20 - 1000
19" rack mount / desk mount
Ethernet ports: 1/2/4

Your Recommended Products

The results below are the best fit for the parameters specified above.

Item Qty Part Number Description Specification

Note, contact your product specialist for:

  1. Implementation of trunk and services fail-over, load-balancing and redundancy
  2. Extended Warranty and Advanced Replacement Services contracts
The following value added software applications and/or upgrades can be ordered via individual license purchase:
  1. Gateway to PBX conversion
  2. Operator Panel & User HUD
  3. Contact Center Analyser
  4. ViBE QoS application

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The suggested configurations presented by the Product Configurator are intended for basic reference and not an exact installation guide. Every installation is unique and may require additional hardware or software.